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World Rugby’s recent announcement of new head safety measures has been endorsed by Australian Rugby Union.

Concussion management is the number one focus of the ARU’s player wellbeing and performance program, and the ARU’s prioritisation of concussion as a critical area for education, investment, research and application is matched by World’s Rugby positioning of concussion as the number one player welfare issue in the game.

ARU will incorporate World Rugby's new law applications into its Game Management Guidelines for Community Rugby, which will be distributed to all match officials, clubs and other stakeholders in February 2017.

ARU CEO Bill Pulver said: “The welfare of all rugby players – young and old, male and female – is the number one priority for us in Australian Rugby, and along with World Rugby we are dedicated to implementing best practice safety measures across all levels of our game.

“We wholeheartedly endorse World Rugby’s recent announcement of new law applications that make it clear that head and neck safety is a fundamental premise of our game.

“This year, the ARU completed the Annual Injury Surveillance Report which has provided us with important information which we’ll use to continue to improve safety in our game, ensuring that player welfare is at the forefront of all our ARU decision-making.” 

To read World Rugby’s media release, please click here.