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ARU partner, Accenture, publishes report into women in sport

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Women in sport is a hot topic in Australia, and for good reason.

Aussie women are on top of the world. They won Olympic gold in Women’s Rugby Sevens and are the reigning World Champions. 

Accenture is the Digital Technology partner for Australian Rugby union and have published a Point of View to help illuminate some of the key issues and actions in enabling Australia, where sport is an integral part of the national heritage and of near-universal appeal, to take its rightful place as a world leader in women’s sport. 

Accenture is honoured and grateful to have had the support the Australian Rugby Union, vocal and active proponents of gender equality in sport and beyond, in developing this Point of View. Accenture's perspectives were developed through interviews with prominent and engaged individuals in women’s sport across Australian codes, journalism and government, and reviews of available research and the popular press. The issues in this space are deep and complex and, whilst they have not covered every subject in depth, they hope you will find plenty of food for thought and action.  

Click here to read the Point of View.