ARU Sports Supplements Policy

The ARU Sports Supplements Policy sets out the ARU’s position on supplement use and binds all professional rugby players (Wallabies, Super Rugby players and ARU teams), Super Rugby clubs and the ARU. It is also designed to be a guide for supplement use for all Participants and Members.

The Policy contains a supplements classification table for Rugby which is based on the Australian Institute of Sport supplements classification table. This classification table divides supplements into groups according to their proven benefits and the risks they pose to players (both a ‘drugs in sport’ risk and risk to their health and/or performance) and the Policy sets out corresponding rules and procedures for each group of supplements.

The key messages of the Policy to the broader Rugby community are:

•    Players and participants are not expected or required to use supplements;

•    Supplements may assist players achieve peak performance but the ARU only approves of the use of supplements to support a ‘food first’ nutritional program established by an accredited practising dietitian; and

•    There are many supplements that should only be used under the direction of an accredited practising dietitian and there are some supplements that should not be used at all. 

Schedules 2 - 5 of the Policy provide one page summaries of the Policy for the following groups:

•    Players;

•    Sports Science / Sports Medicine Staff;

•    Coaches and administrators; and

•    Participants (at all levels).