ARU Medical Policy

The ARU Medical Policy (Policy) sets out the ARU’s position on Medications, Medical Procedures and other medical practices and binds all Players and Professional Rugby Bodies (PRB) that is, the ARU or any Super Rugby Licensee which at any point employs a Player. The Policy is also designed to be an education resource and guide for all Participants and Members concerning best practices in relation to Medications and Medical Procedures.

The objectives of the Policy are:

  • to protect the health and well-being of Players and encourage safe and healthy medical practices for all Participants;
  • to minimise the risk of Players’ Medications or Medical Procedures leading to an inadvertent ‘doping’ offence, or their health or performance being compromised;
  • to establish protocols for providing and documenting Medications and Medical Procedures and for storing Medications and equipment, to be followed by Players, Super Rugby clubs, the ARU and persons within those organisations (and may be used as a best practice guide by other Participants and Members), which will ensure a safe and consistent approach to Player health and well-being whilst maintaining appropriate levels of confidentiality; and
  • to clearly set out the responsibilities and minimum standards and qualifications of the core members of the medical and health staff within the ARU and Super Rugby clubs.

The Policy covers the following subjects:

  • Core medical and health staff within a Professional Rugby Body;
  • Medical decision making;
  • Medical Procedures;
  • Medications;
  • Sourcing medications;
  • Needles and injections;
  • General medical and cardiac screening;
  • Approval for medical research and Medical Procedures;
  • Keeping medical records;
  • Storage and security of Medications;
  • Stocktake of Medications;
  • Travel and Medications;
  • Team Doctor travelling with the team;
  • Induction and education protocols;
  • Reporting under this Policy; and
  • Confidentiality.

Schedules to the Policy:

  • Player Obligations
  • Core medical and health staff
  • Painkiller Medication Guidelines
  • Anti-Inflammatory Guidelines
  • Sleeping Medication Guidelines
  • Medical Assessments and Intervention

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