Contact your State Union

Rugby Australia, in consultation with the State Unions is responsible for course content and accreditation.  Coaching programs can be divided into two categories:

  • Accreditation Courses
    • Smart Rugby (2 year qualification)
    • Foundation Course (Level One)
    • Developing Coach Course (Level Two)
    • Performance Coach Course (Level Three)
  • Certificate Courses (non-accredited);
    • Foundation Course
    • Coaching Kids Rugby
    • Junior Sevens 
    • Senior Sevens

Accreditation courses are registered with the Australian Sports Commission and coaches have a 'licence' for four (4) years. After that time the coach must either re-accredit or complete a higher level of coaching accreditation.

Each State Union run numerous courses during the year at major venues with professionally trained staff. 

For information on course dates and venues,contact your local State Union office.

State Union Contacts