Course Investment

Course Costs

All course costs across Australia are nationally aligned. Once you have attended a certification or completed the accreditation process you will be given a personal rugby ID number. The maximum course costs for 2018 are as follows:

Smart Rugby Online module & embedded in courses
Coaching Kids Skills Workshop $20 (CKR online Program - Free of charge)
Foundation Coach Course $95 (Level 1 aaccreditation - Free of charge)
Developing Coach Course $400 (Level 2 accreditation - $40)
Emerging Coach Course $800 (Level 3 accreditation - $80)
Performance Coach Course $1995 (Level 4 accreditation - Free of charge)
Junior Sevens course (World Rugby Level 1) $55 (Level 1 accreditation - Free of charge)
Senior Sevens course (World Rugby Level 2) $180 (Level 2 assessment - $40)

Resources included in course costs include: Booklet resources, quality Rugby AU trained Educators, assessment cost for gaining ASC accreditation.

Re- accreditation fee: $40 is required every four years. Fee includes subscription to Rugby AU Coach membership includes: (access to National Skills workshops, Wallaby coaches 'closed' workshops, early bird special for Rugby AU education programs and much more)