Coaching Kids Rugby Course

Three types of courses are offered -  Coaching Kids U6 and U7 Rugby, Coaching Kids U8 to U12 Rugby and Refereeing Kids U8 to U12 Rugby. They all offer the kids rugby volunteer a fresh and exciting introduction to the modified games of the Kids Pathway.

Coaching Kids Rugby - U6 and U7

This 1.5 hour course aims to provide the coach with the fundamentals of -

  • How to coach kids rugby
  • How to develop rugby skills
  • How to play the modified non-contact game of U6 and U7 Rugby Tag

This course will be run in conjunction with the CKR (U8-U12) course with participants leaving at the 1.5 hour mark.

Role of the Coach Understanding the Kids Pathway 15 mins
What kids want
Understanding the coaching process
Skills teaching and the National Pathways Literacy
Group management

Coach-Referee relationships

Player Welfare Knowledge of administrative and theoretical elements of SmartRugby 20 mins
ARU's Concussion Management Guidance
Tackle and Post-Tackle definition and requirements of players
  Mandatory 'Mayday' protocols  
Warm Up Key components  10  mins
  Understanding of the principles of the warm up and cool down  
  Functional movement skills  
 Coaching Attack Fundamentals of evasion 20 mins
  Catch and pass technique  
  Games to develop attacking skills  
Coaching Defence Developing sound tracking skills 20 mins
  Games to develop defensive skills  
VIVA 7s Understanding VIVA 7s - What is it? How can it assist kids skill development? 10 mins
  Game management and player development  


Coaching Kids Rugby - U8 to U12

 This 3 hour  course aims to provide the U8 to U12 coach with the fundamentals of -
  • How to coach kids rugby
  • How to develop rugby skills using SmartRugby safety principles
  • How to play the modified games of U8 to U12 Tackle rugby

In addition to the components listed above in Coaching Kids Rugby U6 - U7 (the first 1.5 hours of the course), this course provides education on how to safely coach the contact elements of tackle, ruck and maul. At the completion of the course,  all participants will be awarded their mandatory SmartRugby qualification.


Coaching Tackle and Defence Track to tackle and safe positioning 20 mins
Developing going-to-ground contact skills
  Safe and recommended tackle techniques  
Coaching Tackle Contest Safe and recommended techniques at the ruck 20 mins
  Safe and recommended techniques at the maul  
Coaching Set Piece Understanding lineout law 20 mins
  Preferred lineout coaching practice (throw, jump, catch)  
  Understanding the importance of scrum body-shape  
  Knowledge of safe scrum binds and engagement  
  Understanding scrum law  
Game Management Game elements U8-U12 rugby 10 mins
  Modified game laws