Coaching Kids Rugby Course

In 2018 Rugby Australia and Member Unions will be offering two offerings for coaches and parents.

Coaching Kids Rugby - Skills Workshop

This 3 hour course aims to provide the coach with the fundamentals of -

  • Kids Pathway
  • Developing rugby skills
  • How to play the modified non-contact game 


Introduction Kids Pathway 2018 15 mins
How the program operates
Coaching Attack Attack movement skills 45 mins
Catch & Pass
Modified games
Coaching Defence Track to tag  45  mins
  Ball Carrier  
  Tackle technique  
   Maul avoidance  
   Modified games  
 Coaching Tackle Contest Ruck 30 mins
Coaching Set Piece Lineout 30 mins
Bringing it together Touch 7s, Tips and Law 10 mins
Wrap up Smart Rugby - Mandatory eLearning course 5 mins
  Course Review  
  Where to next?  


Coaching Kids Rugby - Program

 This eLearning accreditation program requires completion of the following online modules:

  • Coaching Kids Rugby U8-U12 online
  • Rugby AU - Member Protection and Inclusion
  • Rugby AU - Code of Conduct

Any participant wishing to coach the contact element of rugby (Under 8 and above) must complete the mandatory Smart Rugby qualification.

To register for any of these courses, please go to the Rugby Learning Centre