Developing Coach Course (Level 2)

Aim/Objectives This course is specifically designed for coaches of athletes U16 and above. As such there is a greater emphasis both on the tactical aspects of each part of the game as well as the technical skills required to choose such options. It is the aim that the Level 2 course provides coaches with the ability to analyse, apply their understanding and coach correctly the roles (functional roles) a player will perform in a match.
Course Outcomes Safety - To provide the coaches with the ability to identify and coach safely the roles a player will perform in a match.

Plan -Identify the principles that underpin different levels of planning and their application to meet the needs (learning outcomes) of the players he/she is coaching.

Tactical Foundations -Identify and apply the tactical principles of team play to coach a game situation.

Sports Science -Apply the sports science knowledge to the concept of periodisation planning.

Ethics -It is incumbent on all coaches to coach within the Laws of the Game and to abide by the Code of Conduct. At all times best practice procedures and the maintenance of personal standards are required.
Course Modules The units of the Level 2 Accreditation can be separated into four modules:
  • Becoming an Effective Coaching
  • Individual Skills - Key Factor Analysis
  • The Elements of Rugby
  • Ancillary Units
Pre-requisites Current SmartRugby compliance.
Recognition of Prior Learning You can apply to the Member Union Office for Recognition of Prior Learning or Recognition of Current Competency if you can providence evidence and current transcripts that your prior learning and experience has made you competent in the learning outcomes for this course.
Duration Two days (8am-6pm) or consecutive sessions determined by your Member Union

Cost: $400 DCC and $40 accreditation fee (includes GST). Accommodation and optional resources are at the discretion of the participant and are not included in this cost.

Materials received:

  • Attend all units at a Developing Coach Course
  • Attain at least 90% for your Laws exam
  • Complete pre-requisite online learning modules
  • Document 60 hours of coaching
  • Be assessed by a licenced ARU Educator

Register online here, or contact your Member Union office for more information