Foundation Coach Course - Level 1 (Non Accredited)

Aim/Outcomes There is no "course" for LEVEL ONE as was the case in previous years.The mandatory pre-requisite "course" is SmartRugby, which is the ARU's occupational health & safety program.
The 'Foundation' course is a certificate course which provides a basic structure for coaching & officiating. It is recommended that individuals who wish to gain ASC accreditation attend a Foundation Course.
Course Modules The delivery of this course is structured to integrate both classroom workshops and on field presentations. To enhance learning outcomes the course has been slit into the following sections.

1. Modules (including Smartrugby): Law, technique, tactical application of technique, and safety.
2. Afternoon coaching modules: Coaching process, Catching activities, Tactical awareness, Re-emphasis of law and safe techinque
1. ARU Code of conduct
2. Rugby the game 
3. Balance and stability
4. Track and Tackle
5. Tackle Contest (ruck/maul)
6. Scrum
8. Game Elements 
9. Coaching in Practice
10. Coaching Set Piece
11. Coaching Defence
12. Coaching Tackle Contest
13. Coaching Attack
14. Accreditation - towards level 1

Pre-requisites N/A
Duration One day
Registration Cost: $95 (GST inclusive) Register online for a course, or contact your State Union office for more information


Once you have completed Foundation, you can apply to be assessed at Level 1.

More information on the Level 1 Course Coach Competency