Junior Sevens

This course will effectively cover the beginner coaching requirements of a Sevens Rugby Coach and as such will incorporate SmartRugby principles throughout. Course participants are likely to be varied and could include teachers, parents and players. Experience levels will also be varied and could range from novice to retired veteran players with many years’ experience in the 15 aside game.

Junior Sevens Coaching Program is designed to provide coaches with the fundamentals of how to coach Sevens rugby; and how to develop the rugby skills associated with playing the game. With SmartRugby added, it is designed to also promote the use of safe techniques and provide OH & S advice for the wellbeing of the players.


Course Modules include:

  • Delivery of Junior Sevens Coaching Program, safety and law information
  • Explanation and demonstration of recommended technical best practice
  • Walk through and discussion of game elements, game management and laws

Unit 1 – 7’s Video Footage & Questions 

Unit 2 – Warm Up with Balance and Stability 

Unit 3 – Set Piece 

Unit 4 – Defence 

Unit 5 – Attack 

Unit 6 – General Play & Competitive Games 

Participants must note that the Junior Sevens Course  is a certification course