LEVEL 3 Past Papers

The Australian Rugby Union runs the Performance Coach (Level III) programs for Coaches.  One of the requirements for this program is that each participant completes a major project on an agreed topic.  This page contains links to major projects completed by program participants over recent years.  These documents require Adobe Acrobat reader. Click on the topic to show the papers available.




The Pros & Cons of different defensive systems C Wilson 2011
Defence B Melrose  2003
Penetrating an Inside Shoulder Defence D Hill  2001
Defence Pattern J Walker 2000
Breaking Defences G Townsend  1999

Restarts - Scrum, Line Out & Kick Starts

Tackle Contest

Tackle Contest  D Wells  2016 
Coaching an Effective Tackle  N Yao  2016 
Managing Ruck Speed   J Farrell 2015
Contact - It's importance in the Modern Game  L Parkinson  2015
Tackle Contest as a Point of Attack  B Gill   2015
The Jackal DJ Cahill 2011
The Importance of the Long Place B Gallagher 2011
Offloading D Enfantie 2011
Advantage line Jackal V Boss M Caputo 2011
The Breakdown.pdf  A Fahey 2010
The Affects of Inertia on the Contact Area T Matson 2008
Laying the Egg J Southwell 2001

Ruck & Maul


Sports Science

Decision Making

Support & Continuity

General Play

Offloading D Enfantie 2011
Clearing Pass C Leseberg 2007
Halfback Play C Hawkings 2005
Training Principles for General Play Attack S Bowen 2004
Coaching General Play D Emtage 2001

Coaching, Technical & Tactical

Other Topics