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NCC Master Class series “LIVE” in RLC

The Master Class Series from the 2015 & 2016 National Coaching Conference is now “Live” on the Rugby Learning Centre. Two Master Class tempters are available ‘Free of Charge’, featuring Ben Whitaker (ARU Head of High Performance) and an ‘Our Watch’ panel that featured Paul Verrell (Wallaroo’s Head Coach), Alana Thomas (Victorian Women’s Coach and ex-Wallaroo) and Amy Perrett (ARU Panel Referee).

With NCC16 being held in July, the catalogue of these Master Class videos are slowly being updated to video format.  Currently, the offerings are:

·         Analysis & Leadership – Simon Strachan, Cathal Garvey and Andrew Lees

·         Sport Science & Sport Psychology – Hayden Masters, Julian Huxley and Brad Harrington


Other Master Class videos sessions available for purchase from the NCC15 catalogue include:

·         Attack – Alan Gaffney and Tim Rapp

·         Core Skills – Hugh Carpenter and Adam Gorman

·         Rugby Sevens – Geraint John, Craig Twentyman and Mathew Johnston

·         Tackle Contest – Darren Coleman and Matt Wilkie

·         Tactical Development – Adrian Thompson and Cameron Blades

·         Sport Psychology – Justin Tamsett, Wayne Goldsmith and Chris Pomfret


The courses are open for viewing at a small charge (NCC16 start from $20 and NCC15 at $10) and are available for 14 days after purchase.