Domestic Tournaments Sevens & Tens

Date  Program  Tournament  Contact 
 14-15 Sept   Boy's & Girl's  Harlequins 7s  Samantha Homewood 
16 Sept   Boy's Canberra Junior 7s  Ben Slater 
 19 Sept  Men's, Boy's & Girl's   Festival State Rugby 7s  Usieli Mamikamica
 29 Sept  Men's, Women's, Boy's & Girl's  Southern Highlands 7s David Loiterton 
 6 Oct  Men's & Women's Bowdens Silver Mudgee Rugby 7s  Roslyn Lee 
6 Oct   Men's, Women's and Boy's Elizabeth 7s  Jason Hyam
 6-7 Oct  Men's & Women's   Melbourne International 7s  Samantha Homewood
 11 Oct-22 Nov Boy's  Crosby Park 7s  Karen Nichols 
 12-13 Oct Women's  Pacific Military Rugby Union 7s Tournament  Rebecca Marlow 
 12-14 Oct Boy's & Girl's   NSWRU 7s State Championship Michael Doyle 
 13 Oct Men's and Women's  Queanbeyan 7s  Phil Hawke 
 13 Oct  Men's & Women's   Andrew Blades & Darren Coleman 10s Garry Walsh 
 13 Oct  Men's Women's  RDRC Bathurst 10s Rugby Tournament Michael Palmer 
 13-14 Oct  Men's & Women's Beach Rugby Australia  Peter Hickey 
 20-21 Oct  Men's  Newcastle 7s U20's   Mark Queenan
 20 Oct  Men's & Women's UoN Faculty 7s   Bob Harrison
 20 Oct  Men's and Women's  Toothy Tens Cameron Ireland 
 20 Oct Men's  Fiji Independence Day Rugby 7s  Luse Vula 
 20 Oct Boy's & Girl's  Southern Lions Junior 7s   Ronan O'Shea
20-21 Oct Men's and Women's  Byron Bay 7s   Matthew Barlow
 20-21 Oct Men's, Women's, Boy's & Girl's   Goldfield 7s  Samantha Homewood
 21 Oct  Boy's & Girl's  North Shore Rugby 7s Festival Matt Moar 
 27 Oct Men's and Women's   Dubbo Rhinos Beach Rugby Competition  Ian Burns 
 2-4 Nov Men's, Women's, Boy's & Girl's  Western Sydney 7s  Craig Morgan 
3-4 Nov  Women's and Girl's  Scone Womens 7s Tournament  Bridget Hunt 
 11 Nov  Men's and Women's Fisher Ghost 7s  Darin Crofts 
 11-30 Nov Men's, Women's, Boy's & Girl's   Tamworth Summer 7s  Kieran Mchugh
24 Nov  Men's & Women's    Blue Mts & Greater West Rugby 7s Carnival Chris Nay 
 8-9 Feb 2019 Men's, Women's & Boy's  Mick 'Whale' Curry Memorial 7s  Scott Coleman 
 15-16 Feb 2019  Men's, Women's & Girl's Lake Macquarie 7s  Danny Maiava 
 23 Feb 2019  Men's & Women's  Kiama Sevens   Mark Bryant
30 March 2019  Boy's and Girl's  Canberra Grammar School RUFC 7s Tournament   Justin Abrahams