Domestic Tournaments Sevens & Tens

State  Date  Program  Tournament  Contact 
 ACTSNSW    9 Sept Men's and Women's   Queanbeyan Sevens  Phil Hawke 
NSW    9 Sept Men's  The JOB Cup   Meg Morrison
 ACTSNSW  10 Sept Boy's and Girl's     Uni-Norths Canberra 7s  Terry Fox
 NSW  10 Sept Boy's  Camden U12 Tens Rugby Tournament   Peter McBride
SA   23 Sept Men's and Women's   Elizabeth 7s  Sam Livera 
 NSW 30 Sept   Men's, Women's, Boy's & Girl's Southern Highlands 7s  David Loiterton 
WA  30 Sept, 14 & 28 Nov  Men's and Women's   Spring 7s Series RugbyWA Graham Cooper 
NSW 7 Oct Men's and Women's  Bowdens Silver Mudgee Rugby 7s Ros Lea
 NSW  7 Oct  Men's Toothy 10s  Cameron Ireland 
 NSW  14 Oct Men's  RDRC Bathurst 10s   Michael Palmer
 NSW   14 Oct  Men's   Fiji Day Rugby 7s Luse Vula 
 NSW  14-15 Oct   Men's and Women's  Byron Bay Rugby 7s   Matthew Barlow
 NSW  27-29 Oct  Men's, Women's, Boy's & Girl's  Central Coast Sevens   Craig Morgan
 NSW  4 Nov Men's and Women's     Western Sydney 7s Craig Morgan 
 NSW  11 Nov  Men's and Women's    Fishers Ghost International 7s  Darin Crofts
 NSW 12 Nov    Men's  Singleton 7s  Anthony Partridge 
NSW   18-19 Nov  Women's   Scone Rugby Women's Sevens Bradley Wayne Smith 
 NSW  30 Nov - 22 Dec  Men's, Women's, Boy's & Girl's   Tamworth Summer 7s  Kieran Mchugh 
 NSW 9 Dec   Men's, Women's, Boy's & Girl's   Blue Mountains and Greater West Rugby 7s   Chris Nay
 NSW  16 Dec  Women's Wallamba Women's 7s  Lee Sullivan 
 NT  19-21 Jan  Men's, Women's, Boy's & Girl's  Coca-Cola Hottest Sevens in the World  Leanne Bennett 
 NSW  2, 9 & 16 Feb  Men's, Women's, Boy's & Girl's    Inverell Rugby 7s  Jock Barnett 
 NSW  3 Feb  Men's, Women's & Boy's   Crescent Head 7s  Jared Fuller 
 NSW  3 Feb  Men's Canada Bay Council 7s    Peri Maika 
 NSW  9 Feb to 16 Mar  Girls Hunter Girls Summer 7s   Will Scully
 NSW  9-10 Feb  Men's and Women's    Mick  'Whale' Curry Memorial 7s Scott Coleman 
 NSW 16 Feb  Girl's  Girls 7s Try Rugby Day   Sheila Mitchell
 NSW  17 Feb  Me's and Girl's Beach 5s  Andrew Hill 
 WA 17 Feb  Men's and Women's  City of Cockburn 10s  Ronan O'Shea
 NSW  16-17 Feb   Men's, Women's & Boy's   Lake Macquarie International Rugby 7s Danny Maiava 
NSW   17 Feb  Men's Sevens by the Sea  Scott Moroney 
 NSW  17 Feb Men's Macarthur International 10s    Richard Old
 ACT  17-18 Feb  Boy's and Girl's  South Coast 7s Lachlan Creighton 
 NSW  24 Feb    Men's and Women's   Kiama Sevens   Mark Bryant
 NSW  2-3 March  Men's and Women's Kari Ella 7s Tournament   Rod Willey
 NSW 3 March  Men's and Women's   Cowra Twilight Tens  Ben Casey
 NSW 3 March   Men's and Women's Dubbo Rugby 7s  Simon Murphy 
NSW   3 March Men's  Suburban Rugby 7s  Tim Richards 
 NT 3 March  Men's and Women's Swampdogs 10s   Mal Lelay
WA 3 March  Men's and Women's  Swan River 7s  Lisa Vaughan 
 WA  4 March Men's   Geraldton 10s  Patrick Whitehouse
 NSW 10 March   Men's  Evans River Rugby Club 10s Gary Roberts 
 NT  10-11 March Men's  Darwin Masters 10s  Mic Bellis 
 NSW 16, 23 March, 6,13 April   Boy's & Girl's  Gunnedah Junior Twilight 7s Tim Walsh 
 NSW 17 March   Men's and Women's Orange City Rugby 10s   Fletcher Niven
 NSW  17 March Men's and Women's  Old Bar Beach RUFC 7s  Brian Groughan 
NSW  17 March Men's, Women's & Boy's  The Imperial Hotel Rugby 7s Carnival  Gary Osborne 
 SA  17, 24 March, 7,12 April Women's   SA Women's 7s James O'Keefe 
 NSW  7 April   Boy's Scots Rugby 7s  Grace Hamilton 
 ACT 7 April   Boy's & Girl's  Canberra Grammar School Sevens Tournament  Justin Abrahams
NSW  6 May   Boy's & Girl's  Walgett JRU 7s Gala day  Rebecca Yeomins 
 NSW 18-19 Aug  Women's & Girl's   Sydney  City 7s Junior Tournament  Fidel Tukel
 NSW  22 Aug  Girl's  Canada Bay Girl's 7s Eugene Murphy 
 VIC  14-15 Sept   Boy's & Girl's  Harlequins 7s  Samantha Homewood 
 ACT 16 Sept   Boy's Canberra Junior 7s  Ben Slater 
SA   19 Sept  Men's, Boy's & Girl's   Festival State Rugby 7s  Usieli Mamikamica
 NSW  29 Sept  Men's, Women's, Boy's & Girl's  Southern Highlands 7s David Loiterton 
 NSW  6 Oct  Men's & Women's Bowdens Silver Mudgee Rugby 7s  Roslyn Lee 
 VIC  6-7 Oct  Men's & Women's   Melbourne International 7s  Samantha Homewood
 NSW  20-21 Oct  Men's  Newcastle 7s U20's   Mark Queenan
 NSW 20-21 Oct Men's and Women's  Byron Bay Rugby 7s   Andy Teuma
 VIC  20-21 Oct Men's, Women's, Boy's & Girl's   Goldfield 7s  Samantha Homewood
 NSW  11-30 Nov Men's, Women's, Boy's & Girl's   Tamworth Summer 7s  Kieran Mchugh