What is Deadly7s?

Deadly7s is the ARU’s national program aligning rugby with the school curriculum. It’s designed specifically to provide the first taste of rugby to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary school boys and girls across Australia currently completing Year 5 or Year 6.

The program material has been developed in partnership with Aboriginal educators and community members to ensure all content is current and respectful of Indigenous culture. It is also directly aligned to the current PDHPE syllabus.

Why Deadly7s?

The Deadly7s program is focused on promoting the importance of attending school and gaining a good quality education. It also educates the boys and girls on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, teamwork and connecting with their culture.

It is a free, five-week program that can be taught before, during or after school throughout each school term. All schools will also get access to assistance from the ARU.

Deadly7s is proudly supported by the Australian Government and is delivered at no cost to participating schools. It is also separate to Sporting Schools and will not have an impact on any current activities through that scheme.


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