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Within the Australian Rugby Union, refereeing sits in two departments - within the High Performance Department, headed by General Manager Ben Whitaker, and the Community Rugby Department, headed by General Manager Andrew Larratt.

The ARU is responsible for:

  • the strategic direction of refereeing in Australia
  • selecting and developing the National Panel of referees and other talent across the country
  • supporting and resourcing the education and training of referees at all levels.

Each individual State Union or Referee Association is responsible for:

  • the policy and implementation of coaching and appointing referees in their State
  • conducting ARU-approved accreditation courses and other educational content
  • managing the process of accreditation and reaccreditation of referees in their State.

There are currently four ARU staff with national referee responsibilities:

Scott Young - Head of Referees
Jamie McGregor - Match Officials Manager, Community Rugby 
Chelsea Jones - Logistics and Administration Coordinator, High Performance

For more details about referees on the ARU’s National Match Official Team, please visit the ARU Match Official Team Profiles page.

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