Graham Cooper

Graham Cooper

State: WA
Panel: Rugby AU
Association: WARURA

Year you started Refereeing?



How did you get into refereeing?

Got into refereeing through school to help the younger year groups on their match days. Post school I didn’t referee for a number of years due to playing but got back into it in 2011 while working at RugbyWA.

What motives you to referee at the highest level?

A key driver for me to referee at the highest level is always taking the opportunity when provided whether on the field or off. Secondly my partner and family sacrifice a lot for me to do what I love and to make sure I leave no stone unturned in the pursuit to be the best me while I referee. Lastly enjoy it!

What have been your Highlights so far?

A couple of highlights for me;

2016 U/20s World Championship

2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup

2017 Women’s 6 Nations

The real highlights are the people, cultures and more importantly the friends you make along the way.

Who are your Role Models?

There are plenty of people that I have taken a few things from to better myself over the years but it would be unfair if I pin pointed one.

What do you like and dislike about refereeing?

The best thing about refereeing is being able to stay involved in the game and be apart of a sport you love. Travel and getting to see the world and meet new people.

My dislike is watching younger referees who are developing their craft being abused by individuals on the sidelines all-round the country. A large number of our referees quit due to this. Just imagine how many awesome referees we are missing out on?  

What do you do outside of Refereeing?

I currently work at RugbyWA as the Education and 7’s Program Manager. Looking after Coaching and Match Officials Development through different educations offerings as well as all 7’s participation within WA.

Away from Rugby I enjoy spending time with my Partner, family and friends and finding any opportunity to switch off from the game.

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