Amy Perrett

Amy Perrett

State: NSW
Panel: Rugby AU / World Rugby
Association: NSWRRA

Year Commenced Refereeing:


Years on NMOT:

Joined in 2014


University of Western Sydney - Bachelor of Nursing

Profession outside of refereeing:

Full Time Referee

Interests outside of refereeing:

Watching movies, playing guitar (not very well), going to the pub with friends and hanging out with my family

Rugby Playing History:

Started playing when I was 7 with my twin brother and played with the boys until I was 12. Played for the girls CHS team in 2006 and 2007. 

Refereeing Pathway:

Traditional - 2003 Started refereeing for Eastwood Referees (Now Sydney West Referees), 2008 Moved to NSW Referees, 2012 Debuted on the women’s 7’s world series and 2016 Super Rugby AR Debut. 

What got you into refereeing?

I started refereeing because I couldn’t play rugby with the boys anymore and there were no girls teams at the time. I didn’t want to play another sport and it was a good opportunity to give back to my club and also stayed involved with my team.

Best on-field moment(s)

I’ve been pretty lucky in my career already and have had a few great moments. 

  • Running out for the 2014 World Cup final would be at the top of my list as it was something I never imagined doing, especially at that time of my career. 
  • Rio Olympics was pretty special event. Was fortunate enough to referee the opening game of the Olympics between France and Spain and then went onto doing the Bronze medal game between GB and Canada
  • My Super Rugby AR debut between the Rebels and Stormers. Got so much support from the rugby community, which as referees we don’t generally receive. It was a great feeling knowing you had so many people supporting you. 

Best off-field moment(s)

Refereeing has given me some great friends and some really good memories and experiences. The last night in Rio is one I will never forget… Sorry can’t talk about it. Another great moment was having some of my referee friends from overseas come to Australia for my wedding. It was great having my rugby family and my actually family meet and celebrate the occasion. 

Funniest refereeing moment

Guess it’s always funny when the referee falls over and or gets taken out accidentally and there has been a few times where I’ve gotten in the way and fallen on my backside. 

Best refereeing advice you have ever been given?

Enjoy yourself!


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