Damon Murphy

Damon Murphy

State: QLD
Panel: Rugby AU / World Rugby 7s Series
Association: QRRA

Year you started Refereeing?


What motives you to referee at the highest level?

The motivation of a new challenge, something utterly different to anything I have ever done before. Refereeing is very different to playing, requires a very unique set of skills. 


What have been your Highlights so far?

So many fantastic highlights already, it’s tough to just choose one. However, the most significant element thus far is the ability to travel the world and referee at the highest level. Something very unique and rare, something I certainly never saw myself doing. It’s a privilege.


Who are your Role Models?

I don't have a specific role model. However, I surround myself with a network of like-minded people, who consistently challenge me both as a human being and a referee. All of who I can reach out to and all of who help in different ways. These are the people I like to use as my role models. 


What do you like and dislike about refereeing?

The challenge of a refereeing is what I enjoy the most. No two games are the same and you are forever learning. I have found that a lot of what I have discovered as a referee is very interchangeable within your work and personal life.

One of my biggest dislikes is the mind-set we as a society seem to have towards referees. I think if we can help change the culture and mind-set around that, we can create a more attractive game and greater outcomes. 

What do you do outside of Refereeing?

I am self-employed and run a boutique mortgage broking business in Brisbane. Our primary focus is on residential home loans, and we assist people across all areas. I am also involved in a Biltong business called Bareback Biltong which provides premium Biltong across the world.








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