School Student Scholarship (SSS)

The Rugby Australia School Student Scholarship was introduced a number of years ago to help raise the profile of refereeing at schools, and to provide encouragement for young referees to remain in refereeing when they leave school. The program has proved very successful with a significant number of young referees progressing through the scholarship program to referee at senior levels in their state.

Students selected for the SSS program will be involved in a range of activities designed to improve their knowledge of the game, enhance their performance as referees, and expose them to a higher standard of rugby.


NSW Charlie Abel Sydney Grammar School
NSW Daniel Andrews Waverley College / Sydney South Referees
SA Adam Bethell Pembroke School / South Australian Referees
QLD Emilya Byrne Glennie Girls School / Darling Downs Referees
WA William Crofts Ellenbrook Secondary / WARURA
NSW Todd Cummings Greystanes High School / Sydney West Referees
NSW Stephen Davies Waverley College / Sydney South Referees
QLD Henry Foort Ormiston College / QRRA
NSW Brady Fuhrmann Byron Bay High / Far North Coast Referees
NSW Sam Gibson Barker College / Sydney North Referees
SA Tomas Greenshields Christian Brothers College / South Australian Referees
NSW Sebastian Herbert Marist College North Shore / Sydney South Referees
QLD Tom Kelk Toowoomba Grammar / Darling Downs Referees
NSW James Macaulay Shore School / Sydney North Referees
QLD Ryan Mackenzie Miami State High / Gold Coast Referees
NSW Steven Martin Plumpton High School / Sydney West Referees
WA Jack McLenaghan John Tonkin College / WARURA
NSW Angus O'Donnell St Paul's Catholic College Manly / Sydney North Referees
NSW James Osborne St Ignatius College
QLD Oliver Osborne Sunshine Coast Grammar / Sunshine Coast Referees
NSW Aidan Paterson St Joseph's College / Sydney North Referees
ACT Hayden Perkins Daramalan College / ACTRRA
QLD Cooper Ree Gregory Terrace / QRRA
NSW Joe Reynolds Shore School / Sydney North Referees
NSW Fraser Robertson Kinross Wolaroi
QLD Brodie Scott William Ross State High / Townsville Referees
QLD Kian Lee Strong Suncoast Fitness / Sunshine Coast Referees

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