Smart Rugby

Smart Rugby
has now been operational in Australia for over ten years and has been updated annually to reflect the changes the way the game is played and refereed. To that end, our injury data for catastrophic injuries has declined markedly since the inception of this program.

It goes without saying that it’s easy to become complacent, so it is essential that everyone who is involved in the game does so with the knowledge of making the environment as safe as possible. Staying up-to-date in the techniques and Laws of the game is a responsibility that applies to all of us.

This year sees the launch of the ARU Rugby Learning Centre where you will be able to find the all new Smart Rugby eLearning course. This course replaces the stand-alone face-to-face SmartRugby course of the past and will allow self-directed learning for all coaches and referees.


To support coaches throughout the season the ARU has created a SmartRugby Checklist (located at the back of your SmartRugby ebooklet)

Accreditation Menu


Smart Rugby via Rugby Learning Centre is for all those required to gain this accreditation, those interested in updating their knowledge on law and safety, and others within the wider rugby community.

You can also get Smart Rugby by completing face-to-face Kids Rugby or Foundation courses. To register select the link below

To get more information and understanding of how to use the Rugby Learning Centre, we have provided an easy-to-use user guide. To download, please hit the following link: 'Portal and RLC User Guide'