State Match Officials Educator Conference

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Earlier this week a number of State Match Official Educators met at Rugby AU HQ to conduct training and a review of the systems used throughout the 2017 season, and to review and read all the comments of the recent National Match Official Survey. There were over 940 responses to the survey and the group worked to highlight the key themes to help improve the overall ‘referee experience’.


In June, representatives of all the Referee Associations came together for a similar type of collaboration, and under the guidance of Rugby AU Rugby Services staff, Lachlan Clark and Jamie McGregor, the aim is to get both State Union staff and Associations the same page, working toward the same goals.

 Overall the key themes that came up in both these workshops include:

-       better ongoing education

-       referee abuse and judiciary training

-       modules for post-course training of Refereeing Kids Rugby referees

-       the Blue Card trial which was run this year in ACT and Newcastle

-       strategies for better recruitment and engagement with our MO community

-       how to improve Referee Coaching

-       a review of how talent ID and development fared this season.


Some of the immediate outcomes that were discussed include:

-       sending back to all members a summary of the results of the National Survey 

-       a centralised national education calendar for all States in 2018

-       more live streaming of education using things like Facebook Live and webinars

-       the agreement that State Unions and Associations will focus on accreditation and re-accreditation of all its members (the same way there was a focus on Smart Rugby in 2017)

-       the creation of a central clip library to allow sharing of non-Super Rugby footage across the country

-       State Unions have a written action plan of things they want to achieve in 2018 which will be communicated to Associations once finalised.

-       Collaborating with Rugby AU National Match Official management to review current pathways to create greater transparency for match officials.


In attendance of this workshop:

Rohan Hoffmann (QLD), Tyler Miller (WA), Alex Richards, Michael Doyle (NSW), Josh Walsh (ACT), Jason Hyam (SA), Al Grigg (VIC), Lachlan Clark, Jamie McGregor (Rugby AU). Michael Magriplis (Coach Ed) and Amy Perrett (ARU) also joined the discussion in specific sessions.