Game Management Guidelines 2015

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The ARU has released the Game Management Guidelines Presentation for 2015.

This presentation complements the written document GMG which was released to all Unions for distribution to all clubs, schools and referee associations in January. (The written GMG can be accessed on our Laws page.)

This presentation has been delivered to most referee associations across Australia, and at meetings of coaches and referees for some competitions. It contains around 22 videos showing examples of situations with the recommended management approach for referees.

It covers areas of emphasis for 2015 including:

  • consistent approach to offside 'collapsed rucks'
  • referees to explicitly indicate the scrum half to feed, unlike in 2014
  • focus on tackler rolling sideways and not toward ball presentation area

This presentation is available for download. We highly recommend it for individual referees or club coaches may like to use some or all of it at training nights. You can download the presentation here.

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