Level 3 Papers 2000-2010

Until 2010, the ARU ran a Level 3 Referee and Referee Coach Program. Participants were required to complete a major project on an agreed topic. These projects are either research projects or education modules that are used in the training and development of officials.

A selection of these papers and modules have been grouped into various categories and can be accessed through the links below. Simply select the title and the artciles underneath will be displayed. 

Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. 

Administration Projects

Reporting systems & standards Simon Brown
Technology & the Changing Face of Rugby Steve Leszczynski
Review of QRRA (Bris) Referee Coaching Structure Geoff Pegg
Professionalism and Refereeing Michael Jennings
The Subjectivity of Assessment Greg West
The Package - Presentation of Rugby Union Bradley Wahl
Bribery and Corruption in the Game of Rugby Union Pat Rae
The Law and Referees Nicholas Long
What a new referee really needs to know Geoffrey Patching
Good better best - Coggee to Twickenham Rob Shaw 
Developing a Referees Coaching Group Terry O’Connor

Training and Fitness

Specific training for your Sport Michael Cleary
The Art of Visualisation James Dickson
Injury Management Greg Hinton
Analysis of Referee Fitness Testing Results  Damien Mitchelmore
Fit to Referee Alastair Mould
Stress in Rugby Referees Ross Nacey
The Efftects of Stress on Decision Making Nathan Pearce
Motor Response to a Stimulus Michael Tanzer
Referee Specific Training Drills Gary Hibberson


Ball line running and non-compliance Roger Higgins
Arrival times at the TRM - for Community Rugby Paul McKay
Where the ball will be! Rick Watsford


Linking Communication & Game Phase Checklists Andy Bernard
Best Practice Communication at the Tackle/Ruck Brett Bowden
Game Management - referee communication Simon Cardiff
Pilot Study and Appraisal of Referee Communication Peter Gofton

Game Management

What da'ya get ya whistle from ref? George Ayoub
Have we got it right? Cole Barrett
The bin of sin Daniel Cheever
TMO decision analysis for RS12 2002 Andrew Halmarick
Advantage Milead Khoury
The evolution of the obstruction law James Leckie
Is the 'team of three' enough for community rugby? David Procopis
The Two Referee Solution - A study Chandra Seneviratne
Control - early warning, early diffusion Peter Smith
Developing Observation Skills in Referees Brian Heaney
Lineout - Best Practice Geoff Acton
The effects of referee and player frustration on a rugby game Matt Goddard
Your Whistle is your Weapon James Scholtens

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