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If you have an incident you would like to report to Rugby Australia please use the appropriate drop down below.

For child protection and sexual harassment matters please note only the Rugby Australia Integrity Team and relevant Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) from your union can view your details. All other incident types will be sent to your State Union representative and competition manager of the competition you select in the incident form.  


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What’s New in 2018?

Rugby Australia Player Welfare and Safety Initiatives 2018


•       Rugby Australia Code of Conduct

‒         An individual code for each group of participants including Players, Coaches, Match Officials, Administrators, Parents and Spectators

•       Safety Policy and Participation Policy

‒         focus on safe, inclusive and fair participation


Australian Rugby Code of Conduct: There are a number of associated policies, codes and guidelines referenced in the Code of Conduct that all participants in Australian Rugby are bound by. It is important that you familiarise yourself with these participation requirements. These policies and codes are constantly evolving to meet contemporary issues within the sport and as such are updated from time to time. A number of these policies, if breached, may result in action pursuant to this Code.  The key policies you need to know are:

Australian Rugby Disciplinary Rules


Rugby AU, in consultation with Member Unions, has developed the Rugby Australia Disciplinary Rules 2018 ("the Rules") to ensure uniformity in the way disciplinary procedures are administered in the community Game across Australia. The Rules are intended for use within Australian domestic Rugby in all Formats, Competitions, Tournaments and Matches, whether or not the Match is for competition points (e.g. pre-season and tour matches with inter-state or overseas teams). For the avoidance of doubt, these Rules do not apply to Test Rugby, SANZAAR Super Rugby, Men's and Women's Sevens World Series and Oceania Sevens.

The Rules have been designed to achieve a universal and consistent approach to disciplinary proceedings for Foul Play, Citing and Appeals. Fundamentally, they outline the core principles underpinning the disciplinary process and general procedures and provisions for disciplinary matters, including universal sanctions at all levels of the game.

Rugby Australia's disciplinary regime reflects World Rugby Regulation 17. It exists to penalise players whose Foul Play or Misconduct is other than purely accidental, and one of its most important principles is to prevent the risk of injury to other players in a dynamic and physical sport. Players have an obligation to ensure that they do not cause injury to opponents, so there is a presumption that any conduct which is proscribed by World Rugby Law 9 (Foul Play) merits a sanction. 

Other Policies

Additionally, there are a number of other national policies that Participants are bound by that contain their own disciplinary regimes. The key policies you need to know are:

Similarly, the following policies, whilst not binding on non-professional participants in Australian Rugby, provide guidance on Rugby Australia's  position on a number of important issues in sport.  Please see the links below for more information:

A full set of Rugby Australia's codes and policies are listed below.

Safe Practices

Summary of Safety Initiatives 

Alcohol Code of Conduct

ARF Welfare Fund

Artificial Turf

ASADA Check Your Substances

ASADA Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) 

Blood Policy 

Laws of the Game

Match Day Inspection Checklist

Mayday Safety Procedure Flowchart

Rugby AU Nutrition and Supplements Information 

Rugby Australia Medical & First Aid Requirements

Rugby Goggles Policy 

Serious Injury Protocol/ Report

Smart Rugby Policy

Sports Lighting - Australian Standard

WADA Prohibited List 2018

World Rugby Heat Guidelines

World Rugby Lightning Safety Guidelines


ARU Website Privacy Policy


Insurance Scheme

Players Suspended from other sports

Rugby Australia Registration Regulations 

Inclusive Environment

Rugby Australia Inclusion Policy


Application for Tour Overseas

ARU Charity Request Policy 

Rugby Australia New Club/Organisation and Name Change Form

Sports Visa Endorsement Application