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What’s new in 2017?

•       Age Grade Dispensation

‒         Competition Managers can approve, decline or request an independent assessment by a qualified coach on age grade issues

•       Age Grade Dispensation

‒         in exceptional circumstances, Head of Game Development can mandate a player play in a specified age group if the player’s continued participation in their Eligible Age Grade(s) presents a substantial safety risk to themselves or other participants.  

•       Simplification of terminology regarding “Eligible Age Grades” (replacing “two-year window”)

‒         Eligible Age Grades: a player may play in the age group he/she is turning in the playing year and in the age group one year above. 

•       Mixed Gender

‒         If a player meets the requirements of the Mixed Gender Dispensation procedure, they may be eligible to participate in competitions up to the under 15 age group.

•       Clear step-by-step procedures for:

‒         Age Dispensation

‒         Senior Rugby Dispensation

‒         Mixed Gender Dispensation


Please note: Dispensation procedures for Gender Identity and Disability will be provided in due course following consultation with third party experts.


Age Dispensation procedure package

Senior Rugby Dispensation procedure package

Mixed Gender Dispensation procedure package

Schedule A & Schedule B Dispensation Forms

Junior Age Grade/ Senior Rugby Guidelines Table


Further information on 2017 Participation Policy and Procedure 

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