Safety Policy and Participation Policy

Focus on safe, inclusive and fair participation

Rugby Australia Safety Policy

Rugby Australia Participation Policy

Safety Policy: The safety of all participants must be the primary consideration in all participation decisions, overriding all other considerations.

Participation Policy: Rugby should be safe, inclusive and fair. Every effort must be made for Rugby participants with broadly compatible physical development in conjunction with ability and/or experience to play with and against each other.  The Participation Policy (and the associated dispensation procedures) cover age grade, senior rugby, mixed gender, gender identity and disability.

Age Grade Dispensation - NEW  IN 2018  

Size for Age Guidelines

Size for Age Guidelines - Frequently Asked Questions

Age Grade Dispensation Flowchart

Age Grade Dispensation Procedure

Age Grade Dispensation Parent Guardian Consent Form 

Age Grade Dispensation Assessing Coach Report


senior rugby DISPENSATION

Senior Rugby Dispensation Consent Form

Senior Rugby Dispensation Procedure

Senior Rugby Assessing Coach Report

Senior Rugby Dispensation Flowchart

mixed gender DISPENSATION

Mixed Gender Dispensation Procedure

Mixed Gender Assessing Coach Report

Mixed Gender Dispensation Flowchart

Mixed Gender Consent Form 

Dispensation procedures for Gender Identity and Disability coming soon.

Documentation common to Dispensation Procedures

Schedule B - Exception for Front Row Dispensation Forms

Junior Age Grade/ Senior Rugby Guidelines Table



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