Workplace Health and Safety


Australian Rugby & World Rugby encourages Clubs and Schools to take following recommended measures to ensure that the game is both safe and enjoyable to play.

Australian Rugby Medical and Safety Recommendations are outlined for the Management of Injury (both Medical Requirements for Player Care, and Management of Serious Injury) and Safety Requirements in the interest of player safety. 

ARU Medical Policy

ARU Medical Safety & Recommendations 


Australian Rugby Concussion Management - Guidance & Procedure

Australian Rugby provides guidance regarding concussion which applies to everyone involved in Rugby across Australia. 

People involved in Rugby must familiarise themselves with the information and documentation for the management of concussion.

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Research Collaboration Application

Australian Rugby Concussion Advisory Group (CAG) has developed a process to support research collaboration around concussion in rugby union. Collaboration applications, together with ethics approval from a recognized academic institution, are reviewed by the CAG. Each application is assessed on it's merit and practical implementation.


Additional Health & Safety Resources

Serious Injury Protocol/ Report

ARU Insurance Scheme

Smart Rugby Policy

Blood Policy

Heat Guidelines

Lightning Safety Guidelines