All Rugby clubs are responsible for the registration of their players and non-playing members, which is a necessity for coverage under the ARU National Insurance Scheme.

In 2017, Clubs and Associations Online Self-Registration is mandatory.  In exceptional circumstances where players cannot register online, Clubs are required to input player data into Rugby Link. To do so a Participant (or their parent/guardian, if under 18 years of age) must register with the ARU on the prescribed ARU Registration Form and agree to accept and abide by all of the Terms of Registration as outlined on the form.

Online payment via Rugby Link is the recommended option, however Clubs and Associations can also accept offline payments if they chose. For offline payment Clubs/Rugby Bodies/Entity Teams will be liable for collecting and settling all applicable fees and levies in connection with such registration.

Changes to Insurance levies and National Participation registration fees

Please see notification of important updates to the National Participant Insurance Levy (NPIL) and the National Participation Registration Fee (NPRF) for the 2017 Rugby season.

ARU Registration Regulations 2017

ARU Application for Refund of Participation Fees

ARU Registration Mode & Liability Competition - XVs & 7s Rugby

ARU Registration Liability Event - XVs, 10s, 7s & VIVA7s

ARU Rugby Insurance Brochure 2016

2017 Player Registration Form 

2017 Player Registration Terms & Conditions

2017 Non-Playing Registration Form

2017 Non-Playing Registration Terms & Conditions

2017 Match Official Association Registration Form

2017 Match Official Association Registration Terms & Conditions


  • • A player MUST be registered and a player record exists in Rugby Link for every active player.  If a player is not registered in Rugby Link, they will not be insured to play the game.
  • • A Non-playing member MUST be registered and a person record exits in Rugby Link for every club official or volunteer with an active role
  • • Online registration and payment allows Clubs to simplify the registration process, minimise the administrative burden on volunteers, improve accuracy of player data, and reduce traffic/queues on registration days.
  • • The expectation is that online registration and payment will be made mandatory for 2018
  • • Clubs/ Associations are unable to de-register any player or member. If your Club/ Association requires a de-registration please contact your Member Union. Additional information about de-registration and refunds can be found in the ARU Registration Regulations. 

Please note, all individual Rugby participants must be registered prior to participating in Rugby, including before playing any match or training.