Rugby Link Resources Library

Rugby Link Resources Library is a central reference that provides both Administrators and Participants with direct links to general user information, education & training resources specifically related to competition administration.

Users can view a wide variety of support materials including:

  • - FAQs: a series of documents that list and respond to popular questions raised by Clubs and Participants.
  • - User guides: detailing key Registration & Competition Management processes, product functionality and reporting transactions.
  • - Checklists: pre-season checklists to make sure you are ready for your competition season
  • - Education & Training: NEW for 2018 - Rugby Link Administrator Accreditation online courses available in the ARU Learning Centre, plus key dates for both Webinars and face-to-face sessions delivered by ARU Rugby Link and/or Member Union staff


General Information/ ADMIN

What do I need to do? How do I do this?
Check –do you have a Rugby Link username and password? Are you your Club's nominated 'primary user'?
Contact the Rugby Link helpdesk to confirm at
Check and update your Club’s organisation details, plus submit your Club's financial details Organisation and Financial Details *updated 13 Nov
Add new Club administrators Adding New Administrators *updated 13 Nov
Edit or Delete Club administrators Editing and Deleting Administrators *updated 13 Nov
Add Contacts for Parent Organisation Adding Contacts for Parent Organisation *updated 13 Nov
Adding Club Office Bearers Adding Office Bearers *updated 14 Nov
Add a user to your Club’s Notification Subscribers list for email notifications Notification Subscribers List *updated 14 Nov
Search for a Player or Member within your Club
Searching Club Members *updated 14 Nov
Familiarise yourself with finding and updating player records Editing and Updating Member Records *updated 14 Nov
Create sibling family relationships for existing players and download a Family Relationship Report Adding Family Relationships *updated 14 Nov
Search for duplicates and learn how to submit a merge request Duplicates/ Merge Requests *updated 14 Nov
Creating Custom Person Filters and add these to a Custom Person List Custom Person Filters and Custom Person List *updated 29 Nov
Checking Club member accreditations Accreditation Manager *updated 14 Nov
Create your Rugby Link website (if applicable) Rugby Link Websites *updated 14 Nov



What do I need to do? How do I do this?
Learn how to Register yourself and recover your login details (if required) Participant Registration Process (Players and Non-Playing Members) *updated 12 Dec

Participant Registration Process (Match Officials) *updated 12 Dec
YouTube video taking participants through the online registration and payment process Participant Registration Process Video *new 21 Dec
Create custom fields to collect Club specific information via the online registration form Custom Person Fields *updated 15 Dec
Create registration form(s)
*NOTE: There has been new functionality added to Rugby Link Version 4 registration forms. For this reason ALL CLUBS must create NEW online registration forms. Registration products can continue to be edited.
  1. Player Registration Form *updated 11 Dec
  2. Non-Playing Member Registration Form *updated 11 Dec
  3. Match Official Registration Form *updated 11 Dec

Government Vouchers *updated 12 Dec

Email members in bulk  Communicating to Members *updated 15 Nov
Promote Registration Share Link via emails, website hyperlinks & social media Publicising Registration Share Link *updated 15 Nov
Find the different Registration Reports available at Club level Club Registration Reporting *updated 15 Nov
Find the different Registration Reports available at Competition level Competition Registration Reporting *updated 15 Nov
Explains how Competition Managers can setup their registration types and fees at the beginning of the season. Note: these are inherited from Member Union reg types Competition Reg Type Setup *updated 29 Nov
Member Unions can view and download Registrations at member union level Member Union Registration Reporting *updated 15 Nov
Member Unions can download a variety of organisation and participant Enterprise Reports Member Union Enterprise Reports *updated 15 Nov
Explains how Member Unions can setup their registration types and fees at the beginning of the season. Note: these are inherited from National reg types Member Union Reg Type Setup *updated 29 Nov


Competition Management:

  • - FAQ (Competition Management) 
What do I need to do? How do I do this?
Access fixtures, results, ladders and player statistics for your Club and Competition  Rugby Link Public Portal
Participants attaching a portrait to their individual record Player Portraits (Participants) *updated 15 Nov
Clubs submit their Team Nominations on Rugby Link  Team Nomination Setup (Club) *updated 15 Nov
Become familiar with the online Player Clearance process, as well as Player Transfers
NOTE: Transfers are required for players who are also match officials
 1. Player Clearances (Domestic) *updated 15 Nov
 2. Player Transfers *updated 15 Nov 
Create Squad lists for easy team selection
Squad Lists *updated 15 Nov
Select Team for each match Select Team *updated 15 Nov
Clubs entering Player Points against individual players  Player Points *updated 15 Nov
Club admins attaching a portrait to a players record
Player Portraits (Club) *updated 15 Nov
Print Match Scorecards which includes full team list, results entry, player statistics, incidents and injuries Print Match Scorecards *updated 15 Nov
How Clubs can enter Match Results Results Entry *updated 15 Nov
Enter Player Statistics Player Statistics *updated 16 Nov
Enter Player Incidents Player Incidents *updated 16 Nov
Enter Player Injuries (serious and concussion) for your team Player Injuries *updated 16 Nov
Enter Players as unavailable due to injury or rep duties Unavailable Players List *updated 16 Nov
Clubs Enter if Uncontested Scrums were played Uncontested Scrums *updated 16 Nov
Publicise Competition Information Publicising Competition Information *updated 16 Nov
Clubs can set up specific Club Player Votes Awards Player Votes (Clubs) *updated 16 Nov
Manage Players, including Player History, Player Statistics & Matches Played available at Club level Club Competition Management Reporting *updated 16 Nov
Competition Managers can set up Team Nomination Forms for their Clubs Team Nomination Setup (Comp) *updated 15 Nov
Create your competition draws, fixtures & ladders  Competition Management Wizard *updated 16 Nov
Regular Season Fixture Templates Regular Season Fixtures *updated 16 Nov
Finals Fixture Templates Finals Fixtures *updated 16 Nov
Competition Managers can restrict grades to only allow certain age groups to play and report on players approved for age dispensation Eligible Age Grades and Exception Reporting *new 29 Nov
Competition Managers can download a media extract Media Extract *updated 16 Nov
Competition Managers can set up Player Votes Awards Player Votes *updated 16 Nov
Competition Managers can set up Club Championship Ladders Club Championship Ladders *updated 16 Nov
Competition Managers can re-grade teams throughout the season Team Re-Grade *updated 16 Nov
Manage Players and Competition Management Reports available at Competition level  Competition Management Reporting *updated 16 Nov
Competition Managers can manage player and/ or team official incidents and injuries requiring Case Management Case Management *updated 16 Nov



What do I need to do? How do I do this? 
Login and register to play Touch 7s Participant Registration Process (Touch 7s) *updated 12 Dec
View Fixtures & Results Rugby Link Public Portal
What do I need to do? How do I do this?
Create online registration products and form Touch 7s Setup - Centre Manager *updated 8 Jan
Find details of my Centre's Registrants Registration Reporting *updated 9 Jan
Create my Touch 7s Competition Competition Management Wizard *updated 20 Nov
Print Match Scorecards Match Scorecards *updated 20 Nov
Enter Match Results Results Entry *updated 20 Nov