Rugby Link Education & Training

This page is intended to provide Rugby Link Administrators with education information in the form of Rugby Link Accreditation online courses through the Learning Centre, upcoming Webinars and Face to Face training sessions.

These will educate all users- Clubs, Competition Managers and Member Unions, on specific Rugby Link tasks in the following areas; General Administration, Registration and Competition Management. Additionally they will provide information on the latest updates and system improvements as part of Rugby Link V4 for 2018.


LeARNING CENTRE Rugby LInk Courses 

Rugby Link Accreditation courses can be completed through the Rugby AU Learning Centre. To access these courses you need first to log into the Learning Centre, then under Browse Leaning select the menu heading ‘Administrator Accreditation’. Each course, comprising of two modules, is then displayed on the screen enabling you to enrol in the appropriate one of your choice.

1. Rugby Link General Administration -  Quick Tips course summary 2. Rugby Link Registrations -  Quick Tips course summary 3. Rugby Link Competition Management -  Quick Tips course summary 


WEBINAR LIVE education sessions

A series of Webinar Live education sessions to educate all Administrators on using the Rugby Link system will be provided during the year. 

The Club sessions will address the following topics over the Dec-Feb training period;

  1. General Admin & Member Records
  2. Getting Ready for Registrations
  3. Performing Competition Administration Tasks
Session - Webinar Clubs Mon 19 Feb Tues 20 Feb Wed 21 Feb Thurs 22 Feb Fri 22 Feb
Performing Competition Administration Tasks 1-2pm 6.30-7.30pm 1-2pm
Getting Ready for Registrations 6.30-7.30pm 3-4pm 6.30-7.30pm    1-2pm
Performing Competition Administration Tasks   7.30-8.30pm     7.30-8.30pm  

Registering for a session is easy. In the calendar simply click on the day/date & time of the session you wish to participate in and follow the instructions.

Online Live training sessions have an unlimited number of attendees that can register, however there is a cap of 50 attendees that can join the session. Each session is only  1 hour  in length.  

It is advisable to sign in at least 10 minutes prior to the session start time, this ensures you download the software and also sign in for the session prior to the training commencement.

Prior to the Live GoToTraining session we suggest you look at the Attendee Quick Start tips sheet & Self Help Guide Video.


Face to Face training sessions

ARU Rugby Link and/or Member Union staff provide Rugby Link Information and Training sessions for Clubs in targeted regions and areas at various times during the year.  

Club Administrators - 'Get Your Club Ready for Season 2018', se ssions are detailed below, registration is required for attendance:

Session - Get Your Club Ready for Season 2018  Date  Time  Venue  
ACT Rugby Union Mon 5 Feb 6-8.30pm Brumbies HQ, Canberra
Southern Inland Rugby Union Tues 6 Feb 6-8.30pm Mercure Hotel, Wagga Wagga
Far North Coast Rugby Union Mon 12 Feb  6-8.30pm Lismore Workers Club, Lismore

*Other Rugby Clubs please contact your Member Union for details of your face to face sessions.

Session Overview

The Rugby Link Club Face to Face Education & Training session is targeted at Club/Association volunteers involved with using the Rugby Link system. Key attendees being Club registrars, financial and other committee members that are interested.

Under the title  'Get your Club Ready for Season 2018' the session will include content on three modules:

  1. General Admin & Member Records
  2. Getting Ready for Registrations
  3. Performing Competition Administration Tasks

The session is designed to cover key areas of functionality whilst allow for questions from the floor as attendees navigate through the modules.  We anticipate the duration of session would be 2.5 hrs maximum.


Pre – Session requirements

  • All attendees will need to register for the Education & Training session
  • At least one attendee per Club is required to bring a laptop and ensure they are set up as an admin user in Rugby Link
  • All attendees are to complete the Rugby Link Administrator Accreditation online courses available now in the Rugby AU  Learning Centre
  • All attendees are to review and read the relevant administrators self-help guides for the three module areas above found in the Rugby Link Resources Library