MissionStrengthen Rugby Clubs to improve their effectiveness, culture and well-being in order to grow capacity & capability to deliver quality Rugby experiences.

The Running Rugby Program is specifically designed for Rugby club administrators and volunteers to assist with the administrative and operational side of running a Rugby club.

Running Rugby has been designed to allow Clubs and their members to:

  • • Access information on the key learning areas
  • • Link to additional sources of relevant information, resources/templates and case studies
  • • Undertake education and training
  • • Demonstrate good practice
  • • Be recognised and rewarded

The Running Rugby key learning area's include:

1. Governance

2. Safe Practices

3. Inclusive Environment

4. Financial Management

5. Rugby Season



Play By The Rules is an Australian Government initiative that provides highly informative guidelines, policies & templates relating to the everyday management of sporting clubs. The Club Toolkit in particular is a valuable source of information for Club members and administrators alike.

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