Financial Management

Goal: Rugby Clubs will provide financial management practices.

Strong financial understanding and management is crucial to a Rugby Club’s survival and may be the most important part of a Clubs sustainability. Looking after your clubs finances can be at times, very complex and time consuming, however this page will ensure clubs are able to adopt the best practices in financial management. No matter the complexity or size of your Rugby Club, sound and best practice financial should be employed in all areas.


Financial Management Resources 
Club Financial Operations Club Financial Operations
Club Budget Template
Cash Flow Budget Template
Club Bank Reconciliation Template
End of Year Reporting End of Financial Year Checklist
CPA End of Year Checklist
Australian Government Checklist
Tax for non-profit Clubs Tax Basics for Non-Profit Organisations
ATO Tax Guidelines



Rugby clubs should also be aware of Fundraising, Sponsorship and Grants available. Each can generate an income stream to assist with the various financial difficulties faced to a Rugby Club.



Fundraising is an important way for Rugby Clubs to increase revenue. It may be best to select fundraising activity with minimum outlay cost, thus making a return on investment easier for Clubs.

Remember: Don't over commit your resources. One great fundraiser can raise as much money as three mediocre fundraisers.

Fundraising ideas



There is a number of funding schemes available to rugby clubs. These range from grants to assist with small development initiatives up to million dollar building projects.

Visit the Community Grants Summary of the numerous funding grants available for not-for-profit organisations, clubs and community groups. Grants are provided by all levels of government, as well as, private companies/organisations for community benefit.


Visit the Federal Parliamentary Library which provides a guide to community grants, including Commonwealth, state and Territory Governments, non-government and commercial services.



There is a number of funding schemes available to rugby clubs. These range from grants to assist with small development initiatives up to million dollar building projects.

Sponsorship is a key revenue raiser for many clubs and a great way for a sponsor to be promoted through a local club into a community.

When preparing a sponsorship proposal or speaking to a potential sponsor some key points should be considered:

 • Most importantly, how your Club can benefit the Sponsor (Exposure, Interactions, Awareness)

 • Why the Sponsor is best suited to your Club and how this will benefit your cause (Butcher who sponsor’s game day BBQ’s)

 • Charity Sponsorship – A sponsorship between a club and charity generates great Public Relations and this can entice a sponsor.

 • Cash or Contra Sponsorship – Cash may seem like the logical choice contra will help the bottom line.

 • Cause Related Sponsorship - this is where the sponsor attach themselves to causes they believe to be in the public interest. Sources of local    pride, community image, heath and fitness are often viewed as 'cause related' sponsorships

 • Opening up Selling Channels - sponsorship of sporting clubs / events often develops a direct channel for sales. For example: a beer  company may have the sole rights to sell drinks at your events.

Sponsorship - NSW Sport and Recreation



The Australian Rugby Union (ARU) support charities and rugby-affiliated organisations through a number of methods including the donation of signed memorabilia, tickets, merchandise, posters and stickers, as well as, collections at matches. 

For further information on Charity Requests please click here