Goal: Rugby Clubs will implement governance and best practice for their members

This page contains information and resources intended for use by Australian Rugby Clubs to facilitate the effective running and management of their Clubs.  It encompasses effective Club practices, volunteer management, club roles and meetings.

Good governance is about the processes for making and implementing decisions. It involves using the best possible process for making those decisions. These decisions can be a problem or situation that requires a person or organization to choose between alternatives that must be evaluated as right (ethical) or wrong (unethical). To resolve the issue in cases such as these, using an Ethical Decision Making Framework is recommended.

Please also refer to our Policy Register for all the latest Policy updates and information relating to Rugby.


Governance Resources
Good Governance Ethical Decision Making Framework
ARU Member Protection Member Protection
Risk Management Rugby Risk Management
NSW Sport and Recreation Running Your Club
Northern Territory Sport & Recreation Sport Development
Queensland Government Running & Promoting your Club
Western Australia Clubs Sport & Recreation Clubs
Play By The Rules Magazine Online Magazine

The above resources are highly insightful and nationally applicable. Please refer to your State specific website for further information.



Meetings are necessary for successful Club management.  They should be viewed as an opportunity to move forward, discuss issues and lay plans for short term and long term needs of the club.

Various types of meetings will be held by your club and all of these meetings have different objectives. Some of the meeting types for Rugby Clubs include:

General Meetings - open to all members e.g.: Annual General Meeting

Management or Executive Meetings - restricted to those elected

Subcommittee Meetings - focus on a specific task or problem and report back to management committee.


Club Meetings and Roles Resources
Club Meetings Guide A Guide for Effective Club Meetings
Meeting Agenda Meeting Agenda Template
Meeting Minutes & Actions Meeting Minutes Template
Meeting Actions Sheet
Club Constitutions Constitution Template- Seniors
Constitution Template- Juniors
Position Descriptions Position description - Volunteer Coordinator
Position description - Club Secretary
Position description - Club President
Position description - Club Registrar
Position description - Club Treasurer
Position description - Club Captain
Position description - Team Manager
Position description - Website & IT Officer
Position description - Communications Coordinator



Australian Rugby Union implements annual Volunteer of the Year Recognition Awards to recognise those who volunteer their time and make a significant contribution to community rugby across Australia.  This year the awards were sponsored by the Wallabies official banking partner, HSBC.  Click here for all the latest details on the 2015 finalists and winners.


Volunteers are a vital part of running a club and as such recruiting and retaining volunteers is key to your club’s success.

As a club you must develop practices to support your volunteer base. Clubs should work towards having a volunteer management plan that is innovative and flexible so they can meet the needs and expectations of their club's volunteers.

Volunteer Management Action Plan

It is a good idea to develop a Volunteer Action Plan to help you adopt and implement appropriate volunteer management strategies at your club. When developing this action plan for you club, try to incorporate each of the 6 stages in the Volunteer Management

 Volunteer Management Resources
Volunteer Management Action Plan Volunteer Management Action Plan - Template 
Volunteer Management Action Plan - Sample
The Volunteer Management Model 6 Stages of Management
Recruiting and Screening Volunteers Ausport Guidelines
1. Recruitment Recruiting Volunteers - NSW Sports Federation
2.  Selection & Screening Recruit & Select
3. Volunteer Orientation Volunteer Orientation Checklist
4. Training and Development NSW Volunteers
WA Sport & Recreation Volunteers
South Australia’s “V-Star” Program
Department of Communities Sport & recreation QLD
5. Volunteer Recognition Guide for Volunteer Recognition
Rewarding Volunteers - NSW Sports Federation
National Volunteer Recognition Program
6. Retention and Replacement Keeping Your Volunteers - NSW Sports Federation 

The above resources are highly insightful and nationally applicable. Please refer to your State specific website for further information.