Rugby Season

Rugby Clubs require initial season starter planning information, as well as competition management. Please review the resources below. 


Rugby Season
 What do I need to know? Where can I find this information? 
Rugby Link, ARU’s online player registration and competition management system  Rugby Link
ARU policies to provide players, administrators and any other entities involved in Rugby an additional reference   Policy Register
Registration of all Rugby Club players and members  Registration 
ARU Sports Injury and Liability Insurance Plan  Insurance
National Participation Game Plan, transforming our game for future generations  Game Plan
Smart Rugby program, ARU’s occupational health and safety program for participants  Smart Rugby
World Rugby Regulations relating to the game  World Rugby Regulations
The difference between a clearance & a transfer, and how to request one  Clearances &  Transfers
Rugby tours in Australia & Overseas  Rugby Tours & Sports Visa

Planning helps your Club to:

  • • Communicate all club activities to members

  • • Look at where the club has come from, where it is now, where it wants to go and how it is going to get there

  • • Identify the main objectives of the club

  • • Encourage the members to get involved in the development of the club

  • • Ensure that resources (human, physical and financial) are used effectively

  • • Bring order into the hectic business of running a Rugby club

The planning process for Rugby clubs generally focuses on operational planning, the day to day planning of activities/events, as opposed to more formalised club strategic planning, that looks at long term objectives.

Clubs can initially develop club calendars to formalise planned activities/events at the club, before moving onto more formalised operational and strategic plans.

Rugby Season Resources
Planning QRU Planning Fact Sheet
Strategic Plan Template
Club Strategic Plan Template
Club Planning Template
Annual Operational Plan Template
Sample Operational Plan
3 Year Operational Plan Template
Example Rugby Club Resources Pokolbin Junior Rugby Club 2015 Handbook