Safe Practices

Goal: Rugby Clubs will develop and adopt safe practices to ensure the protection of all their members.

Player safety is a very serious part of Australian Rugby, but it isn’t just about keeping players safe on the field. The ARU look after all aspects of the Rugby communities safety, health, well-being and education on these.

 Safe Practice Resources
ARU Member Protection Member Protection
Risk Management Risk Management Resources
Workplace Health and Safety ARU Medical Policy
ARU Medical & Safety Recommendations
Serious Injury Protocol/ Report
ARU Concussion Managment & Procedure
Annual Club Safety Audit
Match Day Inspection Checklist
Rugby Risk Management Poster
Insurance ARU Insurance Plan Summary of Cover
Insurance Brochure
Property Insurance
Anti-Doping ARU Anti-Doping Code
Illicit Drugs in Sport ARU Illicit Drugs Policy
Game Regulations Laws of the Game


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