Sanctioned Events & Entity Teams

Event sanctioning ensures that all rugby union events, tournaments and matches played in Australia are conducted in a safe and professional manner, and comply with the respective World Rugby Laws of the Game & Regulations, and Rugby Australia Law Variations, Registration Regulations and By-Laws & Policies.

All Rugby Union events, tournaments, and matches conducted outside regular approved competitions and/or other representative matches/programs must receive formal sanctioning approval.

State/Territory Unions are authorised to sanction events, tournaments and matches which are conducted within their respective jurisdictions.

The following sanctioning documents are available for download:

  • Rugby Australia Event Sanctioning Guidelines - Provides detailed information about the requirements for sanctioning, what is required to satisfy the guidelines and how an Event Organiser goes about meeting these standards.
  • Rugby Australia Event Sanctioning Application - To be completed by the Event Organiser and submitted to the respective State/Territory Union for sanctioning approval 30 days prior to the start date of the event, tournament or match.
  • • Rugby Australia Player & Non-Playing (Team Officials; coaches, managers, medical) Registration Forms - To be completed for all non Rugby Link registrations. 
  • Capacity exists under the Rugby Australia Insurance Plan to extend cover to Sanctioned Events on a one off or short term basis. The policy can only be extended with sanctioning approval of the respective State/Territory Union.  Please refer to the Summary of Cover - Sanctioned Events.


For more information on Insurance & Liability, contact Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers or visit their page:


For further information on event sanctioning contact your local State/Territory Union - contact details are available in the Event Sanctioning Guidelines & Application.